The 1st Sustainable Eco-Lodges in Uganda

      What makes Uganda Jungle Lodges the sustainable Eco-Lodges?

To give travellers the opportunity to experience a sustainable and innovative concept of lodging, that makes the earth a better place. We are committed to sustainable excellence that we have adopted Tourcert Quality Standards methods to optimize operations and keep on the very top of sustainability.

our Environmental policies

The question is, are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant except in a picture book?

UJL is committed to the protection of the environment in line with the standard set by the ISO14001 for an effective Environmental Management System. These are the company’s environmental policies.

Waste Management and no plastic policy

We are committed to minimise waste by choosing re-usable or recyclable packages, by avoiding any single use plastic items.

We are recycling the plastic, the glass and paper.

Water and Energy Management 

  1. We provide water refill for our clients in jugs or glass bottles.
  2. We collect rain water to reduce waste.
  3. We use solar energy for both all the electrical system and solar heaters.
  4. We have an advisory on efficient use of water for laundry.

Carbon neutral Policy

We are committed to a carbon neutral policy by reducing our carbon emissions, by calculating our carbon footprint and by offsetting them through purchase of carbon credit.

As part of this policy, we use bricket instead of commercial charcoal; we use solar energy instead of the hydro-electricity; we take record of transportations and commit in reducing them.

OUR FOOD Policies

Uganda Jungle Lodges partners with the Slow Food movements and adopts the following policies:

  1. Attention to local food and typical ingredients of the area. Local products are prepared and also availed to clients as souvenirs from the lodge shop under the brand “Jungle Taste”.
  2. Attention to organic food and agricultural practices. We source our vegetables, fruits and meat from local farmers partnering with their association and in line with the “Kilometre zero” policy for reducing carbon emission. 
  3. Attention to fresh, homemade food, reducing in packaging, food preservatives and colours for a healthier diet.

We partner with the slow food movement by giving attention to the local cuisine, using the typical crops of the area mostly organic and through partnership with farmers associations.

We privilege the purchase of local products which supports local farmers and provide quality, fresh and typical food to our clients.


We contribute to conservation by restoring the natural habitats, by supporting the conservation effort by the park and Forest reserve authorities, by providing conservation awareness in the communities 

Association for Conservation of Bugoma Forest -(ACBF)

Uganda Jungle Lodges supports the Association for Conservation of Bugoma Forest (ACBF) - These are the main activities of the association: Every 5 Acres reforestation project; Chimp T-Rap private patrol of Bugoma reserve against the illegalities; management of the nursery bed for promoting tree planting; farmers beekeeping project; promotion of eco-tourism activities in Bugoma Forest


Our social approach

Our lodges are certified by TourCert for sustainable accommodation in Uganda.

We commit to sustainability as following: plastic free policy;

Community Engagement

We support local communities through partnerships with local farmers associations and other community cooperatives through engaging them in lodge activities and travel experience. 


We employ youth employees from the local communities.

We are committed to fair terms of employment and good working environment.