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Eco-Friendly/Environmental Policies

UJL is committed to the protection of the environment in line with the standard set by the ISO14001 for an effective Environmental Management System. These are the company’s environmental policies:

  1. Our lodges use sustainable solar energy, alternative briquette charcoal and natural gas.
  2. Electricity consumption is limited by use of low voltage LED bulbs, limited number of sockets and without use of any electrical high voltage equipment
  3. Each lodge has its own Waste Management Plan (WMP) whereby: plastic is recycled, paper is recycled, glass is reused, humid waste is used for fertilization and unrecyclable solid waste is disposed off safely.
  4. Our supply chain takes into consideration minimizing packaging, optimizing recyclable packaging, reducing plastic
  5. We serve drinking water in the rooms in recycled glasses and recycled bottles
  6. Each lodge has its organic garden for vegetables, where no chemical pesticides or fertilizers are used
  7. Waste of water is minimized through collection of rain water in safe tanks.
  8. Safe sewerage is provided through a system of collection into protected standard septic tanks
  9. Furniture and equipment minimize the use of plastic and privilege use of environmentally friendly materials.
  10. Each lodge management takes into consideration the recovery of natural vegetation through enrichment tree planting and restoration

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