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Who we are & Our Story

Uganda Jungle Lodges LTD was incorporated in August 2011 as the investment branch of Destination Jungle Ltd in the field of the construction and management of tourist accommodation in Uganda.

Uganda Jungle Lodges follows the general concepts and strategies of the eco-lodges for what concerns the architecture of the lodges, the utilization of the traditional and local knowledge, the respect of the environment and involvement of the local communities.

According to the company, all lodges are built using especially local materials which are available in the area of the lodges and which are typical of that area. The environment in which the lodge is built is considered a resource in which the lodge is naturally and harmoniously embedded in. All energy used in the lodges is clean and sustainable, minimizing any environmental impact. Not only the environment is not compromised by the lodge, but actually it is improved and restored to become central to the beauty of the lodge itself. Therefore also the location matters, with attention given to landscapes, natural habitats, tropical forests, Savannah or lakes. The waste management system looks at all possible ways to offset environmental degradation, by adopting the principles of re-utilization and recycling for all the materials which are disposed off.

Our Mission

To give travelers the opportunity to experience a sustainable and innovative concept of lodging, that makes the earth a better place.

Our Vision

We are a hospitality enterprise, that provides all travelers the experiences of eco-lodges in beautiful natural places in Uganda and which we contribute to improve on and regenerate.

Our strategy is to think forward and ahead when designing, building and creating our lodges and services.

We intend to set the framework to influence the hospitality industry’s perceptions of how the eco-lodge of future will look like.

Our Core Values

  1. The environment where we operate is a resource to be protected and experienced at its best. We operate by limiting the waste and emissions, by using renewable energies and eco-friendly materials. Our customers enjoy a clean and well preserved environment.
  2. The style of our lodges is based on the culture of local tradition and knowledge of crafts and building. This choice gives to them a touch of beauty, simplicity and uniqueness. Guests feel the comfort of a direct contact with the place.
  3. We believe that food is part of the culture and it is connected to our health. We select organic ingredients and promote organic farming. We prefer fresh and local food where we have control over the input. As a result, our menu satisfies all type of diets with knowledge and quality.
  4. We believe that the lodge is integrated with the communities living in the area. We create and promote social economic activities, that mutually benefit communities and our guests. Guests have an added value to their travel experience.
  5. We believe that our guests should feel welcome and well attended. Our lodges are the expression of our hospitality. We engage all the staff in constant training programs that enhance their professionalism.
  6. Our mode of operation is dynamic in a way that we believe that the past needs to interact with the future. Our lodges are workshops of ideas and innovations to adapt with the changes of the time. This inspires our guests and attract their curiosity.
  7. Partners are those we met along the way as we pursue our objectives. We relate to partners not only from the commercial point of view but for our cultural affinities. The result of this interaction is a wealth that helps the company to grow.

The other side of Earth

You will experience the peace of harmony, the greatness of health and the pleasure of the contact with nature of which we are a small component.

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DJ House, Kitintale, Kampala Uganda