logo_definitivoIshasha Jungle Lodge is in partnership with the Italian no–profit organization, Oncology for Africa. This organization, with Head Quarters based in Rome – Italy is implementing projects in Uganda in support of cancer’s patients, especially vulnerable women. Therefore the lodge will share part of the income from the sales of rooms in support of Oncology for Africa

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Briketi logoAt Uganda Jungle Lodge we use only clean energy. Particularly we partner with “Briketi”, the marketing brand name of the charcoal produced by the Green Bio Energy, company specializing in producing energy saving stoves and charcoal “briquettes” from organic waste recycled dust (like corn cobs and stalks). The product produces no smoke and can be used to cook indoors. It also burn longer (90 minutes instead of 45 minutes) allowing saving in cooking fuel. Each kilogram of Briketi offsets 14.6 kg of CO2. The World Health Organization estimates that CO emission (one of the gasses released during cooking) prematurely kills 2 million people in developing countries every year. To produce charcoal in the traditional way, you must cut trees which leads to deforestation. Also burning the trees into charcoal emits greenhouse gases, contributing to climate change and drought. At Uganda Jungle Lodge we adopt a responsible behavior by using the Briketi alternative and clean charcoal. For more information:


Salati LogoGuests admire our quality coffee we use at the lodges. The secret of our coffee lies on the partnership with Salati LTD a small processor of pure Ugandan coffee, chosen from the most selected Arabica from Mount Elgon and toasted to enhance its best characteristics. Enjoy this specialty coffee in our lodges and some of the most fine coffee shops in Kampala.




Uganda Jungle Lodges entered into partnership with Slow Food Uganda in May 2017.
The Slow Food Uganda aims at safeguarding the biodiversity of food, promoting sustainable agriculture (organic), environmental protection, local cultural identities, consumer health and well-being of animals.
Slow Food Uganda’s strategy, relating to small-scale, family agriculture, biodiversity protection and the promotion of local consumption, contributes to the achievement of food sovereignty in Uganda and consequently the very survival of local communities and cultures.
Uganda Jungle Lodges supports Slow Food Uganda as we believe that healthy food is our responsibility and this originates from organic agriculture, local fresh products, collaboration with local farmers and local knowledge, privileging locally grown traditional crops therefore protecting local community-based knowledge. Uganda Jungle Lodges supports the projects of “10.000 gardens for Africa”, the Earth markets, the Chief’s Alliance. For more information about Slow Food Uganda: