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Who we are & Our Story

Uganda Jungle Lodges LTD was incorporated in August 2011 as the investment branch of Destination Jungle Ltd in the field of the construction and management of tourist accommodation in Uganda.

Uganda Jungle Lodges follows the general concepts and strategies of the eco-lodges for what concerns the architecture of the lodges, the utilization of the traditional and local knowledge, the respect of the environment and involvement of the local communities.

According to the company, all lodges are built using especially local materials which are available in the area of the lodges and which are typical of that area. The environment in which the lodge is built is considered a resource in which the lodge is naturally and harmoniously embedded in. All energy used in the lodges is clean and sustainable, minimizing any environmental impact. Not only the environment is not compromised by the lodge, but actually it is improved and restored to become central to the beauty of the lodge itself. Therefore also the location matters, with attention given to landscapes, natural habitats, tropical forests, Savannah or lakes. The waste management system looks at all possible ways to offset environmental degradation, by adopting the principles of re-utilization and recycling for all the materials which are disposed off.